RAC Specific Background Parameters

RAC Specific Background Parameters

LMON (Lock monitor / Global Enqueue Service Monitor)

>This is responsible for reconfiguration of lock resource. whenever and instance
joins or leaves the cluster.

>Responsible for dynamic remastering.

>Manages instance and processes expirations and helps GCS for recovery.

LMD (Lock Monitor Daemon/Global Single Service Daemon)

>This daemon handles dead lock detections and remote enqueue request.

LMSN (Lock Manager Server Process)

>This daemons reponsible for shipping of locks whenever cache
fusion request arises.

>These are daemons depends on the parameter GCS_SERVER_PROCESSES

>These daemons manager cross instance call operations for shared resources.

LCP (Lock Monitor Process)

>It Manages requests that are related to library cache and data
dictionary cache.

DIAG (Diagnostic Monitor)

>Monitors the health of the instance and captures diagnostic information
for failures.

NOTE: In case of node eviction, we need to dig the diag trace file to understand the root
cause for node eviction .If we rise a service request with oracle
oracle will ask us to upload diag realted trace files.


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