Creating or Installing ASM instance

There are three ways to create Oracle ASM

1) Using DBCA
2) Manual Creation
3) Using Oracle ASM Libraries

Now we will see how to configure ASM instance by using DBCA (Database Configuration Assistance)

In order to create Oracle ASM instance, first you need to create Rawdisks
( Here I am using VMWARE workstation to generate Virtual Raw Disk). You all may know how to create it. If not, check my previous post or Click here

Steps to Create ORACLE ASM:

1. After successful creation of raw disks. Log In as ORACLE user and connect to your target database as SYSDBA

2. Log out database Check that listener started or not. And check Your database is registered to listener or not using following command
$ lsnrctl status
3. Now it times to run DBCA as Oracle User.
A graphical window will open click Next and select configure Automatic storage management
4. Give password for ASM Instance and click on next
 Now a warning window will appear just click OK
5. Now Creating disk groups and adding disks to group. We have four raw disks, What I will do is I will create one diskgroup named DATA  and I will add Raw1 and Raw2 to DATA diskgroup. Check below figure for better Idea
6. Now create another diskgroup Named Recovery to using Raw3 and Raw4
7) Now ASM instance is created. It will ask for perform another action. Click on NO
8) You are about to completed ORACLE ASM instance
sqlplus / as sysdba
This is one of the easiest way to create ASM instance. In our next session we will try to learn more about ASM

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